GuardDog OWB Holster

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DevilDog IWB Minimalist Holster

Alpha Minimalist Holster

Light Compatible Holsters

OWB Holsters

Our GUARDDOG line of modular OWB holsters with its body-hugging pancake design is very stable, comfortable and concealable.This all American made holster, with its wide design...

Light-Bearing Holsters

Our GUARDDOG OWB LIGHT-BEARING HOLSTER with its body-hugging pancake design is very stable, comfortable and concealable. This all-American-made holster...

DevilDog IWB Minimalist Holsters

The DEVILDOG INSIDE-THE-WAISTBAND HOLSTER is our answer to the following questions: How to make it small and extremely comfortable and how to make a holster that is...

Appendix Holsters

Our ALPHA line of holsters is designed for deep concealment to be carried in the appendix position in front of the hip from the 12:30 to 2:00 position, but because of its minimal design...

IWB Minimalist Hybrid Holsters

The WATCHDOG HYBRID INSIDE-THE-WAISTBAND HOLSTER is small, extremely comfortable and easy to put on and take off. With its leather backing and its single belt clip...

IWB Hybrid Holsters

If you are looking for an IWB holster, our K9 line of holsters with its body-hugging design is very stable, comfortable and concealable. This all American made peace of kit...

LawDog IWB Holster

For the ultimate in concealability, take a look at the LAW DOG INSIDE-THE-WAISTBAND HOLSTER. This deep concealment holster is small and extremely comfortable.

Mag Carriers

These mag carriers are shipped with "P-style" loops. They are comfortable, light weight and ride high and tight to the body. Pancake loops can be purchased...

IWB Single Mag Carriers

We have had numerous requests for an IWB mag carrier. This is what we came up with. This fold-over style mag carrier has a square bottom. Mags can be carried in this carrier rounds...

The Wilderness Instructor Belt

It’s absolutely critical to have the right belt for concealed carry whether you carry IWB and definitely if you carry OWB. The average dress belt is not up to the task.

Streamlights & Carriers

It is one of the most useful tools you can have for Every Day Carry. If you have heard of EDC or Every Day Carry and know what it means, there is almost without fail mention of a flashlight.


Customize your holster: change the belt loops to our pancake loops to get a closer fit to the body, or convert your GUARD DOG holster into an IWB by changing to our soft belt loops...

SheepDog EDC Wallet

With the SHEEPDOG EDC WALLET, you will wonder why it took so long to replace your leather wallet. It comes in 2 compact sizes, 12 cards or 8 cards. You have the ability to...
Whether you need an OWB holster or an IWB holster, you will find exactly what you are looking for at BlackDog Concealment LLC. We will custom make exactly what you need, whether you’re an LEO, military, legally-armed citizen, competitive shooter or just need a range holster. If you are looking for a FAST and CONCEALABLE piece of kit, check out our GUARD DOG line of OWB or our DevilDog, WatchDog, K9 and Alpha lines of IWB holsters to see all your options. Try it for 30 days, and if you are not 100% satisfied, call us and we will buy it back, no questions asked. We normally ship within 5 working days. All orders are shipped FLAT RATE AT A COST OF $6.95 via USPS.

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